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Does your business need a competitive edge?

We have the answer – Kanect® Kanect® is an interchangeable facade, full overlay cabinetry system. It allows homeowners to completely change the look of their home’s cabinetry like never before.

Once the Kanect® system is installed, the average homeowner can completely change the facade of their cabinets in about an hour with no specialized tools or carpentry skills required.   They can install new cabinet color schemes to set the mood for parties, holidays, or seasons.

Think of the dramatic increase in your building business, if you’re the first builder in the area to offer something new and revolutionary.  

Will the Kanect® System increase cost?  The Kanect® cabinet system is a premium option without the premium cost.  The system is competitively priced when compared to big box store cabinet options.

Market an innovative feature.  The consumer can change their cabinet facade in about an hour with each set of additional cabinet doors, fronts, and panels costing less than 20% of a brand new cabinet remodel. That’s 5 kitchens for the price of 1!

Spec home customization.  Gain the ability to showcase multiple cabinet options all in the same spec home.  This ability to transform helps ensure you never lose a sale because of the kitchen!

Key Features

  • Interchangeable cabinet facade system
  • An entire kitchen transformation in about an hour
  • No special tools or techniques required
  • Cabinet facade sets are custom manufactured

See the Kanect® cabinet system in action!

How It Works

  1. Contact Kanect® to learn more about our licensing and exclusivity opportunities.
  2. Upon agreement, you will be provided with all necessary products specifications. Additionally, Kanect® cabinet hardware will be made available for purchase.
  3. Meet with your local cabinet manufacturer to discuss the Kanect® system. They will be able to fully produce the Kanect® system and custom cabinet façade sets from the provided specifications.
  4. Offer the Kanect® cabinet system as a premium option in your design center or as part your new home package.
Kanect System
The Transformation Begins
“I really believe this will totally change the way consumers look at purchasing Kitchen Cabinets. It is that revolutionary.”
Erin Elliott – Orlando, FL

Contact us to learn how you can offer the Kanect® cabinet system in your design center.