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What if you could change your guest room’s cabinetry in less time for less money?

You change nearly everything in your life. A new hair style. A more versatile tablet. A smarter phone. A cooler car.

But when it comes to your hotel or resort’s guest room, as many trimmings you change here and there, it stays pretty much the same.

Until now. The Kanect® cabinet system allows you to completely change the look of guest room’s cabinetry like never before.

Once the Kanect® system is installed, your staff can completely change the facade of your cabinets in about an hour with no specialized carpentry skills or tools required.

How will you redesign your rooms?

Imagine the possibilities. Install a new color scheme to set the mood for parties, holidays, or seasons. Your visitors will feel they’ve entered a new property each time you make this transformation.

↑ Increase revenue.  Cabinet facade changes take lass than 1 hour per guest room, this means your rooms will be available from booking again the very same day.

↓ Decrease cost. Using the Kanect® system to change facades set saves up to 80% when compared to complete cabinet remodels.

A greener option. Help reduce the environmental impact of kitchen remodeling by choosing Kanect®. Never throw out cabinets again, just change the facade.

See the Kanect® cabinet system in action!

Key Features

  • Keep your guest room fresh and in-style
  • Interchangeable cabinet facade system
  • An entire cabinet transformation in 1 hour or less
  • No special tools or techniques required
  • Cabinet facade sets are custom made

How It Works

  1. Contact Kanect® to learn more about our licensing opportunities.
  2. Upon agreement, you will be provided with all necessary products specifications. Additionally, Kanect® cabinet hardware will be made available for purchase.
  3. Meet with your local Cabinet Manufacturer to select your 100% custom sets of cabinet doors, fronts, and panels. The manufacturer will be able to fully produce the Kanect® system and custom cabinet facade sets from the provided specifications.
Kanect System
The Transformation Begins
“The Kanect® cabinet system is perfect for those who love change. This is a dream come true for us Pinterest followers.”
Lisa Mason – Green Bay, WI

Contact us to learn how the Kanect® cabinet system can make a guest room remodel easy and affordable.